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Construction IT Services

Process digitization means moving away from paper toward online, real-time sharing of information. With our industrial technology selection, we provide solution to improve productivity and reduce the lost-time in construction.

  • RFID system controlling for manpower/labor, construction equipments, material.

Active and passive RFID tags, each with a unique ID, are attached on construction workers' ID. Since the ID has to be worn at all times when inside the construction site, the tags are carried around by the workers at all times also.


  1. Ensure safety of workers in construction site
  2. Better staff management
  3. Higher labor efficiency and productivity
  4. Higher visibility of operation flow
  5. Reduced human errors in manual recording system
  6. Increased capability utilization
  7. Better planning and use of resources
  • Construction Dashboard Reporting (CDR)

We provide software solution for daily report progress platform to help client control the project.

Increased capability utilization

Better planning and use of resources

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Construction Management 4.0

Knowing that most of chemical plant projects in Indonesia are delayed and over-budget, Makadia Industrial Services provides solutions to these ever-present needs. Our engineers have solved the most complicated problems occurring in some of the biggest chemical plant projects on local and international scale.

We focus on providing high quality services in form of management consultancy and execution. Employing high performing teams that are able to adapt to our client's specific needs, back-up by lean construction philosophy and state-of-the-art RFID technology, we guarantee the best possible cost and schedule performance for your project.

Construction Cost Estimating for Proposal and Bare cost Calculation | Contract Review and Negotiation | Productivity Planning, Calculation, and Analysis | Construction Method of Works & Constructability Study | Heavy Lifting Study | Construction Project Feasibility Study | Construction Temporary Facility Design and Review | Punch-kill Strategy and Reporting Dashboard | Construction IT Services

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Collaborative Multi Discipline Construction Management

  • Civil Work
  • Steel Structure Installation
  • Mechanical Erection
  • Piping Works
  • Electrical & Instrument Installation
  • Interface Management
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Joint Integrity Management / Flange Management

While often underestimated, joint integrity management plays an important role in chemical plant operation. Frequent occurring problems such as leakage, which can bring a whole operation into a total or partial shutdown can be prevented through proper joint integrity management. We provide handling services from joint materials inspection, defects in flange contact surface

detection, tightening, and supervision or control in the whole activity. Improving safety, health, and environmental (SHE) quality of chemical plant by significantly reducing the risk of leakage in operation | Accelerating overall project schedule and reducing total cost due to the reduced pressure testing time and consumables | Increasing productivity and therefore profitability.

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Pre-commisioning and Commisioning

The quality of pre-commissioning work will significantly determine the smoothness of commissioning and operation activity. We focus on delivering excellent system-wise pre-commissioning services and consultancy from planning to completion. This includes scheduling, procedure development, manpower supply, and inspection. Makadia Industrial Services also able to add the commissioning activity for our clients from operating manual development to energy intensification for plant performance test.

Temporary Spools & Accessories Fabrication for Pipe Cleaning | Water Flushing | Air Blowing | Lube Oil Flushing | Steam Blowing | Mechanical Cleaning | Pneumatic Leak Test | Hydraulic Leak Test | Chemical Cleaning | Soda Boiling | Solo Run & Mechanical Run Test | Process Mass & Energy Balance Evaluation | Process Energy Intensification

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Consulting, Training & Competence Development – under Rapid Industrial Institute

-          Integrated Program Management

-          Project Management

-          Project Management Professional Certification Preparation*

-          Project Planning & Control

-          Project Scheduling

-          Construction Management

*with strategic partner as PMI Registered Education Provider